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Parish meetings and reports

Members of our parish leadership team (known as “The Vestry”) meet 8 times a year to guide the mission of the parish and to uphold its vision, values, and financial integrity. We also meet annually as an entire parish to review the accomplishments and challenges of the previous year, appoint new parish officers, and to approve the budget of the year ahead. You can read a draft of our report for 2022-2023 below.

Life Events

Baptism is a milestone that marks the beginning of your Christian journey. We want to support you as you explore taking this step of faith. This is an exciting moment no matter what your age.

Baptism services generally take place during Sunday morning celebrations of special significance in the life of our church, including: The Baptism of the Lord , The Presentation of the Lord, Easter, Pentecost, The Feast of All Saints, The Reign of Christ, and Christmas.

In baptism a person receives God’s gift of new life given in Jesus Christ, and is welcomed into the community of those who are on the journey of faith and following Jesus.

We have a process to help you prepare whether you are the parents of a baby or young child, or an adult or youth getting ready to take this step of faith. We want you to be well prepared to say yes to follow Jesus.

What you will receive:

  • Quality Baptism preparation,
  • A fully prearranged Baptism service
  • The prayerful support of our faith community
  • Our commitment to accompany you and your family on your faith journey

In return, we ask that you attend 3 Baptism preparation sessions, and regular Sunday worship services for at least five weeks prior to the baptism celebration.

We also ask that you consider joining one of our regularly offered Alpha discussion series as part of your on-going preparation and spiritual formation.

Please connect with our ministry team to find out more about Baptism at St. Paul’s. We want to get to know you as you choose to take this step in following Jesus.

We believe that Christian marriage is just one part of a whole life of Christian discipleship and following Jesus.

More than just an expression of two peoples’ love for one another, we believe that marriage is a means of God’s grace in which the spiritual lives and characters of those called to be married are shaped by the joys and trials of lifelong, life-giving, selfless love centered around Jesus Christ. We also believe that marriage is something which ought to be entered into with prayerful discernment, and sober preparation.

For a couple to be eligible to be married at St.Paul's, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • At least one member of the couple must be a baptized Christian
  • Both members of the couple must be active participants in and contributors to the life and mission of St.Paul's Anglican Church, Hampton for a minimum of one year
  • Both members of the couple must also complete the Alpha Course and the Marriage Course or Marriage Preparation Course
  • The couple must meet with the incumbent (pastor) of St.Paul's for a minimum of 3 marriage preparation sessions with the understanding that at any point in the process the incumbent reserves the right to decline the couple's request to be married at St.Paul's

We believe that it is Christ's living presence in the life of a couple and their mutual submission to his loving guidance and power which sets Christian marriages apart. We are convinced, therefore, that the most effective thing we can do to support marriages is to point to Jesus Christ and to help couples grow in their relationship with him first and foremost.

Rooted in the Christian faith and the power of God’s faithfulness in the midst of grief and loss, we are eager to provide prayerful support to those who are coping with the recent death of a loved one.

In the event of the death of a loved our Pastor and/or one of the members of our pastoral team will meet with you to provide grief support and, if so desired, begin preparations for a funeral service. You may choose between a traditional funeral service, a more contemporary service, or a memorial service. All follow a basic Anglican liturgy but you will be able to personalize it with readings, music and a time of thanksgiving and remembrance.

Our pastoral team members available to meet with you as you grieve. We offer help from a Christian perspective, and will make referrals if necessary to grief counsellors or support groups.

Confirmation is a public service of worship where a person reaffirms their Baptismal vows. For those Baptised in infancy, this is a chance to take ownership of the promises made on their behalf. During the service, a Bishop celebrates with us this commitment to God.

Please contact the parish office to find out more about upcoming Confirmation classes.

This is a special church service, different from a baptism, that can be used to gather with others to prayerfully celebrate the addition of  a new child to the life of a family. Many find this service a very meaningful alternative to baptism for those who feel that now is not the time to have their child baptized. Contact us directly to find out more about this very special celebration."

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