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If all you’re looking for is a ceremony, a space, and/or a signature, we’re probably not the church you’re looking for.

More than just an expression of two peoples’ love for one another, we believe that marriage is a means of God’s grace in which the spiritual lives and characters of those called to be married are shaped by the joys and trials of lifelong, life-giving, selfless love centered around Jesus Christ.
We also believe that marriage is something which ought to be entered into with prayerful discernment, and sober preparation, and that the best things a church can do for any married couple is to nurture their faith in following Jesus and welcome them into the mutual care and support of a faithful community that is focused on following Jesus.

For a couple to be married at St.Paul’s, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

– At least one member of the couple must be a baptized Christian.
– The couple must be active participants in and contributors to the life and mission of St.Paul’s for at least a year.
– The couple must complete the Alpha Course and the Marriage Course or Marriage Preparation Course.
– The couple must meet with the incumbent (pastor) of St.Paul’s for a minimum of 3 marriage preparation sessions with the understanding that at any point in the process the incumbent reserves the right to decline the couple’s request to be married at St.Paul’s.

We believe that it is Christ’s living presence in the life of a couple and their mutual submission to his loving guidance and power which sets Christian marriages apart.

The most valuable thing we can do to support marriages is to help couples grow in their relationship with Jesus and be there for them as a community of faith that’s focused on Jesus, and if that is what you want for your marriage, then St.Paul’s might be exactly the church you are looking for.

Want to find out more about getting married at St.Paul’s? Contact us and book an appointment to meet with our incumbent, Rev. David Turner.

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