Christmas Eve at St Pauls Announcement 2023

We are so excited for Christmas Eve at St.Paul’s!

And we really hope that you and those close to you will be able to join us for one or more of our three gatherings this Christmas Eve at St.Paul’s

Family Communion Service – 10am

Our first gathering on Christmas Eve is a Family Communion Service in the morning at 10am. Family Tables will be available and Sunday School will be provided for children ages 4 to 10.

You can join us online for this service by following the ZOOM link here:

Family Christmas Pageant – 4pm

Christmas Eve continues at St.Paul’s with a Family Christmas Pageant at 4pm. Parishioners of all ages will be retelling the story of Jesus’ birth in all sorts of creative ways with costumes, puppets, music, and homemade movies.

Over the years, this has become such a fun and heartwarming way to celebrate and explore the original Christmas story.

You can join us online for this gathering too by following the ZOOM link here:

Service of Carols & Communion – 7pm

Christmas Eve at St.Paul’s will conclude with a more traditional and contemplative service of Carols and Communion at 7pm. 

During this service, we’ll reflect on how the story of Christ’s birth flows into the larger events of his life and mission and how those events continue to shape our lives today.

We’ll also be led in singing some of our most beloved Christmas carols by St. Paul’s Choir and share the Lord’s Supper together.

As with all our gatherings on Christmas Eve, you can join us online for this gathering by following the ZOOM link here: