cemetery service post card graphic 2023

For generations members of our community have laid their love ones to rest in the grounds around St.Paul’s, and year after year they return to our cemetery to remain close to those they love.

In that same spirit, on Saturday, November 4th at 11am, St. Paul’s will be hosting a special service of remembrance and thanksgiving for all whom we have laid to rest.

One very special moment in the service will be the Rose Ceremony during which family members and friends can have the name(s) of their loved one(s) read aloud as a rose is offered in their memory.

If you have a loved one whose name you would like to have included in the rose ceremony, please contact the parish office by October 30th to let us know.

Office Administrator: stpauls-hampton@outlook.com
Phone: (506) 832-3375

An offering will also be collected to support the ongoing preservation and maintenance of St. Paul’s cemetery.

Join the Live Stream via Zoom HERE.