You won’t see many photographs of foundations featured in home-design or renovation magazines because, of course, they just aren’t very interesting to look at.

But it doesn’t matter how boring or visually unappealing the foundation of a building is. Without it the building won’t stand, at least, not for long. No matter how grand or beautiful or “on trend” the style of a building may be, in the end it’s only as good as it’s foundation.

In this ongoing sermon series, we’ve been looking at what ought to be the spiritual foundation of St. Paul’s, the foundation that’s been laid for us in the life and words and saving acts of Jesus.

As with other types of foundations this may not be a very exciting topic for people to look at, but it’s absolutely essential if we want to be sure that the life we are building, both as individuals and as a community of faith, has any hope of standing.

We’ve looked at the way Welcome, and Proclamation mark out two sides of the foundation that Jesus has laid for us and we continue this week by looking at Prayer. Prayer the way Jesus practiced and taught it may be described as foundational in a few different senses. The real work of prayer, like the work of most foundations, goes mostly unseen. Also, prayer the way Jesus’ taught it, isn’t particularly glamourous or exciting. Yet without prayer the rest of what we do as followers of Jesus will remain at best superficial and at worst dangerously unstable.

As always, I hope you’re able to join us this Sunday as we take a closer look at what will truly keep us standing and together.

Rev. David Turner


Weekly News 1 Oct 2017